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You’ve heard of above and beyond. We start there and then swan dive into the deep end. Literally. Whether balancing on 20-foot rafters to hang a floral ceiling, diving to the bottom of a pool’s deep end to secure a floating arrangement, or scaling the rocky cliff walls at a venue in the gorge to anchor tension lines that ensure security during high winds, we’ve been known to get shit done. 

We’re fans of the unexpected. We get excited when we are blending color and texture in an unanticipated way. We love a soft and delicate sweet pea as much as a strong and structured pincushion protea. 

Artistically, we always strive to push ourselves and never play it safe. Some things that make our heart beat are the lines and curves in architecture, natural color theory, contemporary art, and let’s be honest…a good beat and a sick pair of kicks too. 

We are the happiest when we are creating and authentically connecting with our clients. That feeling and passion carries into everything we make. 

Honor is a woman-owned business that has been designing flowers in Portland, Oregon since 2014.

Work with us

A Blooming Partnership

We navigate the experience with you, from inception to execution, through every detail, material, and flower to exceed your expectations. With Honor, there is no bait and switch with team members. Every piece of every project is touched by our creative director and lead designer. And that’s how we like it. 

So what can you expect from us? We’ll bring unfaltering professionalism and knowledge, we’ll become friends (because yes, we are that fun to work with), we’ll maybe even cry (because we care just as much as you), we’ll troubleshoot any unexpected shifts or curve balls with tenacity, and at the end of it all we’ll stand back and admire what we’ve created together. One word that defines success: goosebumps. 

Yeah, we design flowers, but we’re really in the business of people. Everything we do is with our client’s vision in mind… and for the love of flowers.



Founder & Creative Director

My world has been all things plants and flowers for the past 21 years. My love and extensive knowledge of the floral industry have given me a reputation amongst clients and peers for making truly beautiful arrangements. For that, I am so grateful.


I was fortunate to have had an insanely talented mentor who taught me that properly washing out buckets, authentically engaging with clients, and designing a Valentine’s Day arrangement inside a pair of $900 Roberto Botticelli designer boots are all equally important.


My design philosophy is this: always handpick the healthiest stems, keep the selection and color palette simple, and be deliberate and purposeful in your placement. And if you need to be bold, do it! Sometimes, more is more, ya know?


After starting my career at the renowned Camelback Flowershop in Phoenix and continuing my journey with the beloved Sammy’s Flowers here in Portland, it was time for me to forge a new path and open Honor. No matter how early I have to go to the flower market in the morning or how long I stand on my feet designing or how many times I get floral glue caked on my simply doesn’t matter. I love it.

Lauren Carper portrait standing in front of a white brick wall
Shelly Sazdanoff.JPG
Lead Designer

Throughout my life, I’ve always been creating in some capacity; whether making music in a touring band, having a mixed-media art practice, or now as a floral designer. 

After moving to Portland eight years ago with my family, I was connected with Lauren and we bonded over our love of ’90s R&B and our Arizona roots. She graciously took me under her wing and began teaching me her extensive knowledge. 

The moment I began, I knew I’d found a new passion, or rather it found me. I feel truly blessed that every day I get to have a hand in creating beauty and bringing joy to our clients.



Last year we designed for DJ Jazzy Jeff and Serena Williams.


We are currently obsessed with the Celia vase from CB2.


We source our Pincushion Protea from a female-owned farm in Maui, Hawaii.


We process and design with knives only. We rarely use clippers.


The wedding venue we design at the most is The Griffin House in Hood River.


On average, we use over 200 cans of Design Master spray paint every year.


Our delivery vehicle is affectionately called “Ann Van” IYKYK.


Most likely your flowers will be designed to ’90s hip-hop and R&B.


Despite making a more conscious effort to apply hand balm, our fingers and nails are always a wreck.



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